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Je joue des flûtes historiques de la Renaissance, du Baroque, du Classique et du Romantique, ainsi que des flûtes modernes.

Sur instruments historiques, j'ai joué avec Tafelmusik, Arion, Caprice, Les Idées heureuses, La Bande Montréal Baroque, Autour de la flûte et bien d'autres.  Je suis titulaire d'une maîtrise en interprétation historique de l'École de musique Schulich de McGill.   Bien que je sois un spécialiste du baroque français, mon répertoire comprend plus de 300 ans de musique, avec un intérêt particulier pour la musique de chambre du 20e siècle.


J'ai des instruments modernes de toutes formes et de toutes tailles—piccolo, flûte de concert, alto, basse et contrebasse.   Improvisateur dans tous les genres, j'ai joué et enregistré avec des groupes allant du classique au punk en passant par le jazz et la pop.  Veuillez utiliser la page contact pour connaître mes tarifs et mes disponibilités pour votre projet.

Selected video and audio examples—

flutes thumbnails 1.png

A concert recording of the Adagio from Flute Concerto, K.313 by Mozart.  On 18th century period instruments, featuring improvised cadenzas.

Excerpts from Fantasie sur Rigoletto, Op. 38 by Franz Doppler performed live in concert on original 19th century period instruments. I am joined by Mika Putterman on flute and Julien Saulgrain on the Érard fortepiano of Salle Bourgie.

A short, multi-tracked recording of «In The Bleak Midwinter» by Gustav Holst performed using four contrabass flutes demonstrating the incredible timbres possible with these low flutes.

French music from the court of Louis XIV for two flutes and continuo.  I am joined by fellow flutist Mika Putterman (on early 18th century french flutes) with Sylvain Bergeron.  Generously funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

flutes thumbnails 2.png

At the end of a studio session with Montreal duo Saratoga, there was one song left but I was told there was no arrangement for it so I could leave.  Instead, I asked to hear the track, and improvised the two flutes heard in duo here— in only one take each.


Sometimes the simplest and most spontaneous things are the most effective.

This Presto was arranged in the 18th cetury from Haydn's String Quartet, Hob. III:81  and presented as an original composition. As a sonata, it is devilishly difficult— the original quartet parts go largely unchanged and aren't particularly idiomatic to either instrument.


I play an 8-keyed flute here with fortepianist Erin Helyard.

Live performance of La flûte de Pan (aka Syrinx) by Debussy, played on my beloved anonymous flute from Paris— an original, circa 1880.


From the Golden Age, it's probably my favourite instrument to play— its high register is exceptionally sweet and the low notes resonate with ease.

Affetuoso from J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, on 18th century period instruments, performed live in concert with Jason Moy (harpsichord) and Rachel Jones (violin).

The gallant style here might resemble how the young, hipster musicians of the Café Zimmerman performed during Bach's lifetime.

IMG_7225 copie.JPG

My contrabass flute was built by the late Dutch maker Jelle Hogenhuis in silver with open holes, quartertone keys and low-B foot.  It has an exceptionally strong low register and can be easily heard in large ensembles, unlike most other contrabass flutes.  It's colour can approach that of a saxophone or bassoon at times.  

I play historical flutes from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, and modern flutes.

On historical instruments, I have played with Tafelmusik, Arion, Caprice, Les Idées heureuses, La Bande Montréal Baroque, Autour de la flûte and many others.  I have a Mmus in Historical Performance from the Schulich School of Music at McGill.   Though I am a specialist in the French Baroque, my repertoire includes over 300 years of music with particular interest in chamber msuic from the 20th century.


I have modern instruments of all shapes and sizes—piccolo, treble flute, concert flute, alto, bass and contrabass.  An improviser in all genres, I have performed and recorded with groups ranging from classical to punk to jazz to pop.  Please use the contact page to find out my rates and availabilities for your project.

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