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A concert composer, my work merges disparate genres, historical periods and cultural interests in his work, exploring the underlying sameness of all things.

I am an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre (CMC).  If you are interested in commissioning a new work, or purchasing scores, please use the contact page to discuss.

Selected video and audio examples—

« But Is It Organic ? » (2023) was commissioned by clarinetist Maryse Legault with the generous financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

The work makes use of both conventional clarinet as well as digital aerophone triggering samples of real clarinet, bass clarinet and contra clarinet.  It uses live looping and prepared tape.

Concertino in B-flat (2004/2019) for theremin and strings (or two pianos) performed by Grégoire Blanc.  

A showpiece for his technical prowess, the Concertino displays the virtuosic possibilities of the instrument and is a rare instance, for me, to explore conventional form.

Paris en feu, un jour, si tu le veux (2015) performed by Grégoire Blanc on both theremin and Hakken continuum.

A work of variable geometry, has been performed and recorded in many different arrangements, from woodwind quintet to solo harp to electric guitar.

Vocalise from Three Melancholy Songs for bassoon and piano (2000) performed by Nadina Mackie-Jackson on her album «Notes from Abroad».


I wrote these little pieces in the margins of my first year Harmony homework, never imagining the legendary Canadian bassoonist would ask to record them with me two years later.

Commissions from musicians make up a significant portion of my concert music. As requests for works with standard instrumentation have been rare, I have become a bit of a specialist in odd and unlikely combinations.


Commissioned by Matsu Také in 2019, «My battery is low and it's getting dark»  is scored for two shakuhachi, koto, Renaissance flute, theorbo, Romantic flute and guitar and a turntable to play a custom lathe-cut transparent vinyl.

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