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I make bold and colourful illustrations and concert posters.

Some recent concert posters I have designed.  When doing concert programming, I often start by designing the poster.  I find it helps to begin this way in order to best understand the feel of the concert.  Graphic design for classical music is, in my opinion, among some of the worst technically, and least inspiring emotionally.  I have a particular interest in the design and typography of the 20th century, and though I primarily use digital means, I often reference physical printing processes.


Audience members have told us that they've spotted the posters around town and bought their ticket without knowing anything about who was playing— they said, the poster's image told them everything they needed to know. The posters I made for Autour de la flûte are sold in 12x18 prints at the concert venue.

A small selection of some of my illustrations.  I generally use the same bright, saturated colours in my illustrations as are found in my concert posters.  I like to distort and exaggerate natural forms and shy away from natural skin tones without wading into the realm of Corporate Memphis.  I enjoy trying to communicate an emotion as succinctly as possible, and have used illustrations in my pedagogic piano volumes to help illustrate musical ideas to young children.

I use primarily vector-based illustration and digital pencil, but also use conventional methods when it suits the project.

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