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I offer arrangement and production services for live music and recordings.

Whether you need a single instrument or an entire orchestra, I can bring added depth and dimension to your music with arrangements for real instruments (or sample-based programming). A one-stop-shop, I can provide charts, contract musicians and direct studio sessions, in any genre or style, with quick turnarounds.  


I use as light or as heavy a touch as you need— radically transforming your unfinished songs or simply adding a little shine.  Please use the contact page to find out my rates and availabilities for your project.

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BEFORE— The raw demo as it was sent to me by artist Teen Sleuth ...

00:00 / 01:38

BEFORE— The raw demo track as it to sent to me by artist Syngja ...

00:00 / 02:34

BEFORE— The original album track by artist Saxsyndrum ...

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«At only three songs, [the EP is] the most satisfying 20 minutes you’ll hear this week. Or possibly any other. Very, very impressive»

Jamie O'Meara, The Hour

AFTER— The track as it appeared on their EP with my production and arrangements ...

00:00 / 04:16

«The album is lush, melodic and dramatic, folding together elements of Icelandic folk music, classical string arrangements and pop structuring» 



—Lorraine Carpenter, CultMTL

AFTER— The track as it appeared on their album with my production and arrangements ...

00:00 / 03:42

«This remix goes well beyond remix territory ... No question, this is a pretty brilliant re-imagining, very catchy ethereal pop, sounding a bit like Blue Hawaii or Kate Bush»

—Alt Altman, Silent Shout

AFTER— The remix I made for their Remix Album (with vocals by Syngja) ...

Photo © Dominic Champagne.   Collaborating with Maltese-Canadian composer-guitarist-engineer Alex Formosa on a recording project.

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