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Paris en feu— for solo electric guitar

Here is Alexander Formosa performing the electric guitar version of Paris en feu, un jour, si tu le veux. Originally commissioned and premiered by the historical wind quintet La Petite Harmonie, there have been performances by Pascal Valois Guitariste and Antoine Malette-Chénier Harpiste/Harpist with other versions for solo piano, and baroque quartet (flute, violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord). The notation of each version is unique and interpretative markings are purposely absent, giving the performer, more or less, free reign.

Alex is one of my dearest friends and colleagues, and his performance here is truly heart-breaking. On performing Paris en feu, he wrote :

"Sometimes freedom isn’t easy. [...] Free from overt direction, its contrasting, underlying qualities that of meditative stillness, and opposing tension, were like two rivers flowing head-on into each other, in silence."

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