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New York, 1920 in Scena Musicale

Since its foundation by flutist Mika Putterman in 2004, Autour de la flûte has presented 13 seasons of concerts, bringing together renowned musicians and ensembles such as Suzie LeBlanc, Susie Napper, Les Voix Humaines, Discantus, Notturna and La Petite Harmonie. Without specializing in an era or genre, Autour de la flûte offers a flexible setting for thematic concerts based on the use of period instruments and covering repertoire from the Renaissance to today.

Putterman studied at McGill University, the National Conservatory of Music of Paris and the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. She is active in the early music scene, having played with Arion Baroque Orchestra, Ensemble Caprice, Tafelmusik and Les Idées Heureuses. Last spring Analekta released her recording of Kuhlau sonatas with Erin Helyard on the fortepiano.

The 14th season opens on Nov. 9 with New York, 1920, a concert that will plunge us into the excitement of American music after the foundation of the Juilliard School, with Aleks Schürmer and his conical flute of 1870, Antoine Malette-Chénier on harp and Jennifer Thiessen on viola. A rather unusual trio, but not new! Musicians will undoubtedly learn more about this group, as well as the barrier between early music and modern music, or the question of period instruments, which has its share of questions. On the program are works by Bax, Debussy, Falla, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Rameau and Salzedo in the style of the Roaring Twenties.

French conical flute Louis Lot with Boehm system.

French conical flute Louis Lot with Boehm system.

The next concert, Au Salon!, on April 9, 2019, ushers us into the intimacy of the romantic salons of the 18th and 19th centuries. A forum for discussion of notables, thinkers and artists mostly from the bourgeoisie, the show is an opportunity to philosophize about the idea of ​​modern music. Finally, the Amour Sans Retour concert (June 5, 2019) will focus on Schubert with soprano Dominique Labelle, Putterman and fortepianist Jory Vinikou. It remains only to discover these musicians who seek, by means of period instruments, to recreate an era with a spirit of musical authenticity.

New York, 1920. Salle Joseph-Rouleau, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m.

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