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MBF19— New commission

At the end of this month a new work of mine will be premiered during the Festival Montréal Baroque.

‹‹ My battery is low and it's getting dark ›› (私の電池が切れてきて、だんだん暗くなってくる) is a poetic translation of the final transmission of NASA's Mars Rover. Expected to survey the planet’s terrain for months before failure, it continued for an astounding 15 years before ceasing to transmit. The work is a meditation on impermanence and the acceptance of nothingness. In memory of Dr. Allan Putterman.

The musicians of Autour de la flûte and Ensemble Matsu Take will be premiering the score for this unique combination of instruments— Turntable, 2 shakuhachi, koto, renaissance flute, theorbo, romantic flute and guitar.

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