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Lang Amma Album Interview

A little preview interview with Cult MTL ahead of the Syngja LANG AMMA Album Release this Thursday May 19. The first 100 tickets come with a digital download of Lang Amma in advance of it's May 27 release from Art Not Love.

I produced, arranged, orchestrated and co-wrote all the music on this album "following all those pop rules but doing all the wrong things with them. There’s also a lot of extra layers of things like hidden jokes and motifs from one song appear in another song. It’s almost more of a concept album in that way. The song ‘Pink Prism’ is stretched out into the same form as Diplo and Usher’s ‘Climax,’ but it sounds nothing like that. One song is like Philip Glass, Abba and the Beatles, with the same structural opening as ‘Glassworks’ but with an almost dancehall kind of beat."


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