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Concert— ‹‹ En trois parties ››

Autour de la flûte présente— ‹‹ En trois parties ››

25 September, 2019 19h30

I'll be playing baroque flute alongside my friend Mika Putterman in the opening concert of Autour de la flûte's new House Concert series next week— an intimate programme of works from the Louis XIV era—Joseph Bodin de Boimortier, François Couperin, Jacques-Martin Hotteterre et Marin Marais. This will be a unique occasion to hear Baroque music in the types of small spaces where it was heard in the 18th century, and to see the instruments up close.


Mika Putterman, flûte traversière baroque en 3 parties d'Hotteterre Aleks Schürmer, flûte traversière baroque en 3 parties de Naust Christophe Gauthier, clavecin

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