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Thanks Autour de la flûte, Salle Bourgie and everyone who came last night !

And to Keegan Boulineau for the photo (and video to come).

6 December, 2019 at 19h30

Salle Bourgie, 1339 rue Sherbrooke O.

Billets et info—

Autour de la flûte opens its 15th season with a grand concert at the Musée des beaux arts' Salle Bourgie. Two original flutes—an anonymous Parisian Böhm (1880) and a Toulu system made in Lyon (1860) by Piatet accompanied by the musée's 1859 Érard fortepiano. A rare occasion to hear late 19th century music on these wonderful original instruments !

Mika Putterman, flûte Tulou Aleks Schürmer, flûte Böhm Julien Saulgrain, pianoforte Erard

You can hear a short composition of mine in the demos section for Bunker Samples' new Harmonium. Sampled from an instrument built in 1910, The Harmonium is a cool Satie-era sound (with all its clicks and clonks included) and its on sale now for Black Friday.

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